Soapstone Cookware

Cooking With Soapstone

Sierra Soapstone sells a variety of soapstone cookware. People have been cooking with soapstone for over 9000 years, and now you can bring the beauty and versatility of this stone into your cooking.

Soapstone cookware is handcrafted from individual blocks of natural soapstone. Cooking with stone is a sustainable way to reduce energy consumption. Its thickness and density retains heat twice as long as conventional metal cookware thereby reducing cooking time. Our cookware is made of non-toxic natural materials.

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Soapstone Pot

Soapstone Cookware Benefits

  • Green choice for your Kitchen
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Maintains heat almost twice as long as metal
  • Closest to Earth - 100% pure non-toxic materials
  • Distinctive food presentation
  • Lifelong, lasting cookware
  • Healthiest cookware choice