Soapstone Slabs

We pride ourselves in carrying the largest inventory of soapstone in California. Below, you will notice an oiled and unoiled version of each slab we have available. Freshly honed, soapstone starts out grey in color. Over time, soapstone will age and darken. You can speed up this aging process by oiling your soapstone. When oiled, the veining structure becomes more prominent, the background turns dark charcoal or black, and it also helps to blend the look of your scratching. This natural stone may be soft to touch or feel like "soap," but it is durable in terms of staining, etching, and heat. You also don't have to worry about using certain types of chemicals on your soapstone as true soapstone is chemically inert.

Note: All of our slabs come in 3 cm thickness. Please contact us for pricing, sizing and availability.

Churchill Reserve

Churchill Reserve Soapstone Slab


Juniper Soapstone Slab


Anasazi Soapstone Slab


Noire Soapstone Slab


Cartorio Soapstone Slab


Pratima Soapstone Slab


Barroca Soapstone Slab

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre 2 Soapstone Slab


PA Soapstone Slab