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Soapstone Whiskey Stones Keep Any Drink Cool

Soapstone Whiskey Stones have the unique property of holding both hot and cold temperatures. When soapstone is chilled, it makes the perfect replacement for ice and won’t water your drink down! It’s sustainable and easy to clean. Soapstone rocks are the perfect gift or addition to any bar.

  • Our  Stones – Handcrafted, all of our stones are made from 100 % soapstone with no fillers then cut into perfect squares cubes to become the best whiskey stones.
  • Reusable & Dishwasher Safe – Because our stones are made from soapstone they are naturally non porous so no liquid or soap will get trapped inside the whiskey stones during washing or during use.
  • 100% Safe – Soapstone is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suitable surface material for contact with food. Meaning you can add it to your drinks without any fear.
  • High Quality Soapstone – Handcrafted with only grade A virgin soapstone full slabs. Never made from run offs or chemically treated scrap soapstone.

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