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Welcome to Sierra Soapstone

Sierra Soapstone is your premier soapstone countertop fabricator serving Sacramento, San Francisco, and other Northern California areas with the highest level of integrity and passion for the projects we create and install.

Soapstone is beautiful, strong and versatile. See how this amazing natural stone can add beauty to any kitchen, vanity or backyard.

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Letter From Our Owner

My name is Rod Weston, and I own Sierra Soapstone Marble and Granite. After ten years specializing in dimensional stone fabrication for some of the premier tile and stone companies in Northern California, I decided to focus my talents on one of my favorite materials, soapstone! I have worked with the finest natural stones on earth, all of them beautiful in their own way, but soapstone is completely different than the others. Soapstone has a warm and inviting feel to it, a way of standing out boldly without showing off. In contrast to soapstoneā€™s soft and inviting appearance, it is unbelievably durable. Soapstone has always been the perfect surface for the shop counters where I mix all of my chemicals and epoxies. Being non porous, highly heat conductive, and chemically inert I could clean my Soapstone counters quickly and easily. Often applying over a thousand degrees of heat and some of the strongest chemicals available. I now recommend soapstone countertops for the foodie, environmentalist, and every homeowner looking for something new yet timeless.

When designing your project, from the creation stages to the finished product, whom you work with is as important as what materials you select. In a world where so much of the critical work is outsourced to hired help, it is essential that you choose someone with both the hands-on experience and a sincere passion for their product, their trade, and the quality of their craftsmanship. Sierra Soapstone is a family owned and operated business, and we are as passionate about Soapstone as we are our clients' happiness. Be sure to contact us, and you will see why so many of our clients continue to refer their friends and family to us.

When it comes to brainstorming, planning, and designing your project, we're constantly reminded by our clients how valuable we were in transforming their visions into reality. Contact us with your questions and ideas and let's see what we can create together.


Roderick Weston
- Your passionate and committed owner