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Highly Valued, Soapstone the Stone of Choice.

Uses of Soapstone through history. People have been highly valued soapstone for thousands of years. Using it for bowls, cooking slabs, smoking pipes, ornaments, cooking pots, and hearth liners. During the Bronze age, Scandinavia discovered that soapstone was easy to carve into molds for casting metal such as knives and spearheads. They discovered and highly valued …

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Where Soapstone Comes From

Soapstone is a natural stone that is quarried from the earth. Most soapstone comes from Brazil. However, there are a couple varieties that come from India and one that is quarried from the Alberene quarry in Virginia, as seen below. Soapstone is cut out of the earth in large blocks and then taken to a …

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Why Soapstone Is NOT Sealed

One of the number one questions we get asked by customers or fellow fabricators is, “Should we seal the soapstone?” No, sealing soapstone has many downfalls and it is not necessary because of the natural stone properties that soapstone possesses. Sealing is meant for porous stones and since soapstone is non-porous and chemically inert, there …

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